Tamekia MizLadi Smith has over 20 years of experience helping organizations seek mental and creative freedom through her music, storytelling, and provoking keynotes.

Tamekia MizLadi Smith is affectionately known as “the Singing Speaking Poet”.  As the founder of EDU Arts, LLC she utilizes various forms of creative arts to convey a memorable learning experience. Her experience and passion for Health Equity, DEI and Self-Care has been instrumental in her approach to creating programing for Workplace Culture and Wellbeing.

With over 20 years of diverse speaking and training experience her practical approach to aiding corporations in creating a psychologically safe space, has made her a sought after keynote speaker. After speaking at the TED Conference in Vancouver Canada she authored a book entitled “Take the Stage” which provides pre and post stage advice, coaching and life lessons for aspiring public speakers. 


Overcoming Social Determinates through Mentoring and the Arts

Tamekia MizLadi Smith

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Tamekia MizLadi Smith educates and empowers her audiences with what she likes to call EDUtainment, her idea of creative learning.